The Andiamo Service

We understand the uncertainties and anxieties around getting an
orthosis for your child which is why we are committed to providing a
uniquely positive experience for families everywhere. 

Children and parents tell us Andiamo has changed their lives – they
love wearing them and feel more independent.
Benefits of Andiamo orthoses

  • FITS FIRST TIME* – not just a time saver, but a life enhancer for
  • Up to 65% lighter – for easier wear, greater mobility and comfort
  • Thinner – making it possible to wear standard shoes
  • Robust, including the strapping – lasting the life of the orthoses
  • Uses 3D scanning and 3D printing – all the above plus a fast
    turnaround time
  • Available for adults who are under 60kg in weight.

*90% of cases January-June 2019

You can contact us to find out more about Andiamo at

If you want to book an appointment at our clinic visit

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