Wait times increasing?

Two years ago the Andiamo founders we’re waiting up to 13 weeks to get a back brace back. We’ve now done a lot of user interviews including talking to clinicians, especially orthotists. We’re hearing about extreme patient anger in Scotland with the adult service and 28 week waiting times in the South of England. Andiamo … Continued

3D Scanned and Printed Orthotic Prototype Zero – Part Two

You can read more about how Naveed made an accidental promise to create prototype zero here and the subsequent scanning in previous posts. We’ll concentrate more on the preparation for and talk at Monkigras 2014 in this post. Preparing to Talk Whilst we had pitched and refined our idea numerous times we hadn’t ever had … Continued

3D Scanned and Printed Orthotic Prototype Zero – Part One

The journey to prototype zero started at the Monki Gras dinner on January 31st 2013 when James Governer’s off hand comment/challenge to see if we could create a prototype in 1 year and present at Monki Gras 2014. Source: http://www.itwriting.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/image.png During the initial six months of research we assumed that this was such a simple idea that … Continued

Free desks competition, stress tests, funding and conferences

It has been an extremely intense month that has brought together several critical strands including the tantalising possibility of our first funding as we move towards making this our full time roles. Free Desks We won a competition for free desks with the Shoreditch Village Hall after they met their stretch targets on Kickstarter. 3 … Continued

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