Our Success Stories

Jack – “I started to pick up my little brother from school and walk home with him”

We first met Jack and his mum in March 2018 and Jack complained that the orthoses he wore caused him blisters and sores. They had to go into large orthopaedic shoes, which meant that they became even heavier.

Jack was looking for an alternative that were much lighter, wouldn’t cause him blisters and would allow him to fit into regular shoes or sneakers.

Following his “First Time Fit” treatment experience his Andiamo AFOs were much thinner and lighter which meant that he could fit into his favorite pair of sneakers.

Due to the reduced weight, Jack didn’t tire as fast when on his feet and there was a much improved gait. Jack reduced the amount of time he had to use his crutches. We collected this new Gait data and our AI treatment engine has adapted the designs of all Andiamo treatments to suit recorded improved gaits.

Jack wore his initial AFO treatment for a year till he outgrew them and returned to his Andiamo certified clinician for a new pair.

Jack is an aspiring paralympic wheelchair racer but now walks all over the school and doesn’t use his wheelchair. At the end of the day Jack picks up his little brother, Noah, from school and they walk home together.

Tom – “I feel more independent”

When we first met Tom and his mum in June 2018 he complained that his AFO was hurting him. They were difficult to put on by himself and he had to depend on his parents to help. It took him so long to put his AFO on that he would be late for school because he would miss his bus.

When reaching school Tom would never join assembly with his friends, as this would mean he would need to sit on the floor and take his shoe and AFO off. As he was unable to put them back on again without assistance, he decided to miss out.

He never wore the AFO playing sports with his dad and he hated that he had to get “clown shoes” so that his AFO would fit onto him.

Within 1 month of Tom having his Andiamo Treatment he wrote us a list of all the activities he had been able to achieve , which included walking across the O2 Dome in London.

Tom was so pleased. Donning the AFO was so much easier and this reduced the reliance on his parents. He doesn’t miss the bus to school anymore and he is able to join the school assembly with his friends

Tom even completed the Duke of Edinburgh Award recently by walking 20 miles in two days, just before receiving his most recent Andiamo Treatment.

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