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We set the highest global standards for Orthotic Services

  • Orthoses that provide a perfect fit
  • Orthoses that are effective
  • A service that puts your needs first

A service that puts your needs first

We ensure that from start to finish we take care of all your needs. We ensure that we give you a great service that meets your need so you can get your family life back and not think about another orthotic appointment!

The process of getting your orthoses is done in collaboration with you and how you want to use them. Want them designed so you only need one hand to take them on and off? No problem. Want a design for a specific use? We can do that too, all at the same appointment.

A service that puts your needs first

“I never knew walking could be fun”

Raisa, 20, trying her supports for the first time – watch her video here


“They are so light!”

Saharah, 13, after her first fitting


“I give them a 100 out of 10… throw my old ones in the bin”

Umar, 9, when asked what he thought of them

The Andiamo Service

A clinical assessment using a 3D scanner
award winning designers
Andiamo designs and manufactures your orthoses using a 3D printer
lightweight orthoses
An appointment to fit your new orthoses

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