Reimagining Cerebral Palsy


Invest in a fast growth company that will maximize the potential of millions of families and thousands of clincians whilst using AI to maximize profits and add real value based outcomes for Healthcare Payers.

Andiamo has already invested $7m in Research and Development on proprietary technology and has a range of personalized treatments tested and ready to be offered to clinical customers for the benefit of their families.


For clinicians who care for families living with cerebral palsy, the Andiamo treatment platform provides personalised treatments that offer a first time fit guarantee, less clinic time and more throughput offering higher revenue and margins from improved reimbursements.

Different from other treatment providers, the Andiamo treatment platform offers a unique fitting experience, a powerful influencer led community and a route for clinicians to gain higher margins which will offer families living with cerebral palsy better in-clinic experiences, less reliance on medications, less need for surgery and a much improved family life.

Product Summary

The Andiamo Treatment Platform includes a range of digital and non-digital tools for a better family and clinician experience, including the Avanti platform which uses AI and digital twin simulation to design personalised treatments.

Our initial Ankle Treatment Range allows the clinician to use the Andiamo Tools and Avanti platform to digitally create a personalised prescription, create an AI digital twin that simulates the prescription outcome and it designs, using automation, a safe medical device. Using additive manufacturing, we manufacture and fit, a treatment called an ankle foot orthosis or AFO.

The next generation of treatments to be launched will have data sensors embedded to record compliance and activity that is fed back to the clinician, the family and the payer leading to real data outcomes and more valuable reimbursement data.


Our founders combine exceptional technical, operational, clinical and commercial experience with a deep understanding of the problem. We are international award winners, with 12 startups on 3 continents and 3 exits between us.

All of us have sold to and/or consulted on large and complex public and private sector verticals.

Between us we have built and managed over $70 million of business

Why Cerebal Palsy?

Every 30 minutes a child is born with brain damage. Cerebral Palsy is brain damage at, or before, birth resulting in permanent disorders that affects every part of the body.

In 2003 one of those children was Diamo, the son of the co-founders Naveed and Samiya’s.

This condition is underserved, neglected by business and is reimbursement friendly. Building a solution here allows us to build a scalable and repeatable value proposition that can serve many other chronic conditions

The lifetime direct and indirect costs to a family of having cerebral palsy are over $1.2m. Reimbursement for children under 18 starts, on average, at $25k per year but can be much higher with medical negligence cases.

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