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Reimagining Cerebral Palsy


Andiamo has invested more than $7m in R&D and technology over 7 years and continues to innovate

Over 100 Years

Combined experience of our engineering team in 3D Printing, Simulation, AI, CAD, Medical Devices, Wearable Sensors

World Leaders

In Designing, Developing and Delivering regulatory approved, safe, reimbursement friendly, 3d printed medical devices

Improve the experience for your families with Cerebral Palsy

Andiamo has re-designed the treatment experience for the family by unlocking the tools and materials that have been widely available to clinicians. An Andiamo treatment isn’t constrained by using thermoplastics, composites, plaster, workshop tools, CNC machining or CAD Software. Assembling a fusion of technologies allows us to make sure you can offer your families the outcomes they want and need.

Improving the Family’s Experience

We’ve looked at the entire clinical journey for a family and looked at how we could improve each step from how to 3D scan a child with cerebral palsy to how to ensure there are no dangerous tools in the clinic that may make the child, who may also have autism, uncomfortable or sometimes scared.

A Safe Medical Device

In order to make a safe device and one that is going to meet the requested outcomes we have had to build a digital journey, using Artificial Intelligence, where we can can create a digital twin. With this digital twin we can simulate a number of different variables, using the digital data collected, to ensure a safe, first time fit device can be finished and fitted.

Full Control of your Prescription

Your Andiamo personalised interactive treatments are able to achieve more than the best Plaster Technicians, or CAD/CAM Positive Milled Solutions. It is our mission to maximize your potential as a clinician and provide the digital and non digital tools to do that.

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