Family Benefits

Deliver a First Time Precision Fit Experience Every Time

60% Lighter

Leading to improved muscle tone more energy and more confidence

Closer Fit

Digital Twinning leads to less chafing, less pain and more activity

First Time Fit

An Andiamo Experience enables the family to live a more normal life

How does the Andiamo Treatment Platform Work?

The Andiamo Treatment Platform creates a better measuring and fitting experience for both the family and clinician. This is accomplished by offering a platform that digitally creates the child’s measurement and prescription, creates a digital twin that simulates the prescription outcome, designs a safe medical device and digitally manufactures, using 3d printing, a splint called an ankle foot orthosis or AFO.

What our families Say

I’m not worried about him anymore. He can take part in the normal things.


Jack’s Mum

With the Andiamo Splints I don’t feel disabled.


13 years old

I never knew walking could be so much fun.


18 years old

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