Clinician Benefits

Improve the clinic experience for you and your families

More Families

Referrals from the Andiamo family community

First Time Fit

No need for extra modifications and extra appointments

Less Clinic Time

No Plaster. No Mess. No Fabrication. Families can be measured and fitted in minutes.

Support your Clinic Success

Families living with cerebral palsy are highly engaged and always searching for the latest technology and treatment that could affect their lives. Make sure you are offering the most advanced treatments for your families living with Cerebral Palsy.

Complete support to treat with confidence

We are here to support you at every step of your Andiamo journey, providing you with online learning for each treatment, technical support, reimbursement support and family referrals to increase your revenues.

At Andiamo you have 365/7 Support from our Clinical Advisors, Digital Orthotists, Treatment Team Technicians and Relationship Managers

Membership of the Andiamo Provider network includes Referral support, Reimbursement Support, Bulk Treatment Discount Scheme and Family Support.

Attract New Families

Become more visible to potential long term relationships, maximize your clinical potential and unlock opportunities to grow your clinic

Invest in You

Get access to tailored training and support that you need to begin treating families living with Cerebral Palsy and build your clinical confidence

The Andiamo Range of Ankle Treatments

Develop Clinical Skills with Andiamo

Once you’re certified as an Andiamo Certified Clinician and become a member of the Andiamo provider network, you’ll unlock access to the Andiamo Academy. The academy is an e-learning platform that provides you with a wide and varied range of learning opportunities, including online training modules, treatment case studies, clinic resources and video tutorials.

What our Clinicians Say

“I’ve never seen an orthosis fit first time, fit so well and be so functional in my 30 year career”

Chris Drake


“You’re much more than a 3d printing company. This is an end to end experience”

Abdallah Azeer


“These are tools to prescribe orthotic solutions we could only dream about”

Jonathan Bell


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