Our Story

Since 2013 Andiamo has invested $7m over 7 years in the Andiamo Treatment system that designs, manufactures and markets a new proprietary method for treating Cerebral Palsy.

The Andiamo Treatment system corrects the gait and creates a better measuring and fitting experience for both the family and clinician. The AI treatment system creates the patient measurement and prescription, creates a digital twin that simulates the prescription outcome, designs a safe medical device and digitally manufactures, using 3d Printing, a splint called an ankle foot orthosis or AFO.

Along the way we have been named the Top Tech company in London in 2019, We Work creator award winners and even visited Richard Branson’s Necker Island.


Naveed and Samiya’s journey started when Diamo was born in 2003. He had a difficult birth, due to medical negligence, which led to cerebral palsy. Sadly, they lost him unexpectedly in March 2012 at the age of 9.

Diamo was diagnosed as having severe developmental delay, he was quadriplegic and had very little head control.  He needed extensive treatment to help him with basic functions such as eating, sitting and looking around, which included him having a multitude of orthotics, braces and gators; DAFOs, hand splints, spinal braces and compression garments.

Without them he would have had a very difficult daily routine.  And as he grew, he had to endure constant visits, castings and fittings which caused him great distress and anxiety.  You can imagine this also had a massive impact on our family life as well. We believe that the entire family lives with Cerebral Palsy and the experience and the experience we are trying to improve is the family experience.

Getting Diamo’s orthotics right was another challenge all together. It wasn’t really an option, as not having orthoses, made caring for Diamo even more difficult. He couldn’t eat properly as he couldn’t sit up straight, he kept slipping off his seating systems.

Our lives as a family revolved around when is the next orthotics appointment? Are they going to get it right this time? Or shall we brace ourselves to come back to appointments, again and again?

The process of getting the right equipment and splints was very long and frustrating. But when the end result was good it was worth it.  More often than not the braces came a few months after the measurements were taken, by which time Diamo had outgrown them. This meant we either made do with a bad product or had to go through the whole process again.

These experiences compelled Naveed and Samiya to start Andiamo and search for a route to improve the clinical and family experience.

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