We’re launching on Kickstarter!

Our founders are currently in Las Vegas as part of the IBM Smartcamp World Finals and they’ll also be on Shark Tank at IBM Interconnect.

To celebrate that we’ve launched a new crowdfunding to get more families into our service.


The Animated (amazing) Campaign Video

London based production agency Maverick have agreed to create an animated video for the campaign completely free of charge.

This video take the form of a graphical animation, set in an ‘old school’ platform computer game inspired world. A child like character will take a journey, like setting out on a new level of the game. At the beginning of the level the character will learn what it is like to get a body support under current techniques,  then will be shown how Andiamo will revolutionise this process.

As the journey unfolds the graphical ‘world’ will change from black and white to bright colour.

Juxtaposed to this childlike animation will be serious voice overs taken from interviews with founders of Andiamo, Naveed and Samiya Parvez, as well as the from the first two families being helped in NHS trials at Barts Hospital.

3D Printed Rewards From Major Artists

We are delighted to have secured two extremely press worthy rewards for the campaign.

Renowned international artist Lorenzo Quinn, represented by Halcyon Gallery, will be donating a superb sculptural work themed around generosity and family.

Amalia Ulman, an exciting young artist with over 72,000 Instagram followers, will be creating an Andiamo inspired ‘Charm’ inspired by the roadside charms against accidents popular in Mexico. This can be printed out and worn as either a necklace of bracelet.

Ulman’s work will be offered as an ‘stl.’ printable files. Quinn’s work will be offered as an stl file or as a limited edition 3D printed replica.


People may need somewhere to print their rewards. We will be partnering with 3D Hubs – an online 3D printing service platform. It operates a network of 3D printers with over 8,500 locations in 140 countries, providing over 1 billion people access to a 3D printer within 10 miles of their home.

3D Hubs will host the reward files for free and promote the video through their channels.

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