Wait times increasing?

Two years ago the Andiamo founders we’re waiting up to 13 weeks to get a back brace back.

We’ve now done a lot of user interviews including talking to clinicians, especially orthotists.

We’re hearing about extreme patient anger in Scotland with the adult service and 28 week waiting times in the South of England.

Andiamo has also had several trips to the US recently where there is a general assumption that their health service is better. But everyone we have spoken to there has told us about how poor the service and products they’re getting are. However this view doesn’t seem to be shared by orthotics companies, we still not sure why there is a disconnect. Perhaps we’re only speaking to those that have had bad experiences.

Looking at the trends it seems things are only going to get worse

“In 2010, 5,644 practitioners were certified by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics. Nearly 1,500 of these practitioners are 55 or older and likely to consider retirement within the next ten years.”

What this report leaves out is how long it takes to be really good at being an orthotist/prosthetists. The general consensus is that it takes around 10 years of continuous practice.

So we’re in a situation where the need is increasing but capacity is dropping.

Is it time we started rethinking how we do things?

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