BGV Week Two – Organising and Accidental Promises

Part of our Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator experiences

Having taken stock from our learning in week one we realised that the first thing we needed to do was work out how we were going to work. This may seem obvious but it is often a subject tackled well after a company is started.

Project Andiamo Trello Board

The agreement was to use Trello with a simple WIP (Work In Progress) limit on the doing and to do items. We review the to do list every Monday and the doing list every day with anything not fitting into that going into the icebox. So far there has been no need to allocate job roles as we pick the tasks most suitable to our time and skills.

Following Sam’s winning pitch at the London Fusion Cities Design Jam Samiya Parvez

we were introduced to contacts at Kingston University Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture to start exploring potential service design work along with St Georges Hospital.

It was during this meeting that we bumped into James Governor and had the following conversation.

“BGV is going great and we’re on track to create prototype 0”

“Oh great so you’re going to present at Monkigras then?”

“Ummm well we did sit down a year ago and you asked if we could do it in a year”

“Yeah but I didn’t think you’d go and do it!”

Naveed had just committed to getting the prototype done in 14 days plus a deliver a talk and we hadn’t even started that process yet……

(Photo by Enrique Carnicero –

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