BGV Week Three – Keeping Promises

Part of our Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator experiences

Following Naveed’s unexpected promise team Andiamo moved into overdrive to get the pieces in place for prototype 0 (the entire process of which will follow in another post).

However there were plenty of other urgent items also going on so Samiya took on making prototype 0 happen by speaking to various 3D scanners and printers in London. Following much back and forth around costing and timing it became apparent that Cavendish Imaging and Digits2Widgets would be the scanners and printers. It was especially helpful that they were part of the same umbrella company that is owned by Dr Andrew Dawood who had been an inspiration for us following his amazing facial prosthetics work.

Our major technical challenge was to use 360 scanning rather than stitching together two 180 images. Thankfully Dr Veronique Suaret-Jackson’s pro-active attitude helped source extra 3DMD scanners to create a complete scan.

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