BGV Week Four – Talks and Prototypes

With the team itching to see the scans come back Lee concentrated on revamping the website (which we hope you like) and doing further research into funding and grants for post BGV.

The scans came back from Dr Veronique Suaret-Jackson at Cavendish Imaging who had pushed hard to make it possible. With some final cleaning taking place at Digits2Widgets we were ready to go on Tuesday, but with Monkigras on Thursday it wasn’t clear if we’d make it in time.

With the file ready we started to concentrate on giving our talks as we had one for Brunel and then Monkigras. This necessitated a few late nights and the very willing support of other BGV members helping us tweak our talks.

Naveed had been invited to do a talk on his experiences of intellectual property in startups, giving him a warmup before the bigger talk at Monkigras. He came up with the snappy title of “Ego, Fear, and Grief: Emotional Drivers in IP Strategy”. Although sounding like an extremely depressing talk it went down very well providing a strong real world counter point to the more academically based talks.

We also realised that as we had the 3D file ready called an stl file then we could use the wonderful talents of Chris Thorpe at Flexiscale to print one on his Makerbot. Although not the medical grade nylon used by Digits2Widgets it would be an interesting comparison. It would also be wonderfully poetic that the person who inspired this business also printed our first orthotic.

Monkigras arrived and we had our prototypes, but that is a story for another post.

(Makerbot photo by Medialab Prado –

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