Free desks competition, stress tests, funding and conferences

It has been an extremely intense month that has brought together several critical strands including the tantalising possibility of our first funding as we move towards making this our full time roles.

Free Desks

Sam working intensely so as to avoid Quality Street temptation

We won a competition for free desks with the Shoreditch Village Hall after they met their stretch targets on Kickstarter. 3 weeks later we had moved into our new office space with Shoreditch Works.

Stress Test

Giving our ideas a good kicking
Giving our ideas a good kicking

As we prepared to submit for funding it became clear we really needed to refine our message. What were we? What were we doing? Could we explain this in one sentence? Risks? Luckily we have an amazing group of friends that came along to the offices in GDS to give our first presentation a good kicking.


The stress test got us ready for our interview with Bethnal Green Ventures after we had submitted our application for funding whilst at Mozfest (another blog post to come on that). We did our interview with them over Skype as we got ready in LA for the 3D body scanning conference. We’re hoping to hear whether we have been successful or not by the end of November.

3D Body Scanning Conference

Start of the conference
Start of the conference

The 3D Body Scanning Conference in LA was far more technical than we had realised but the major thing we took away was that we’re a lot closer to the start of something than anticipated. This is extremely exciting as not only is our concept innovative but the tech around it still is also.

Next Month

We’ll be at Thingmonk as we learn more about the Internet of Things. Whilst it is some way down the path we’re very interested in looking at how you can combine sensors with various aids. Children with cerebral palsy may not be able to communicate, but what if their equipment could alert a carer that they were too cold, too hot, or had too much pressure in one area? This type of information could lead to far better designs. If you’re a designer you’re used to your users explaining their needs. How do we give a voice to those that can’t? We’ll be writing a lot more about everything we’ve learnt so far very soon.

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