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Become an Andiamo Certified Clinician and offer your families the world’s most advanced treatments for Cerebral Palsy Intervention. The Andiamo Avanti Platform creates digital twins to simulate outcomes virtually; it can improve your family’s experience through a first time fit guarantee, further develop your clinical skills and help grow your clinic.

Over 1 Million Families in USA live with Cerebral Palsy every day.

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Innovation to Maximize the Potential of your Clinic

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100’s of Families across the world are choosing the Andiamo experience

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All around support to support your clinical needs and nurture your clinic growth

$0 Capex

No Capex needed for the latest design tools or skills and additive manufacturing equipment

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Andiamo gives me full control over my prescription. I can achieve outcomes I didn’t think were possible.


Certified Orthotist

I started to pick up my little brother from school and walk home with him.


Aspiring Paralympic wheelchair racer

I feel more independent. With Andiamo, I don’t know what my limits are


Completed Duke of Edinburgh Award

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