Wait times increasing?

Two years ago the Andiamo founders we’re waiting up to 13 weeks to get a back brace back. We’ve now done a lot of user interviews including talking to clinicians, especially orthotists. We’re hearing about extreme patient anger in Scotland with the adult service and 28 week waiting times in the South of England. Andiamo … Continued

One of the top 12 startups in Europe

We got really exciting news this week that we had been chosen as one of the top 12 startups in the whole of Europe by Tech All Stars. Frankly we’re totally gobsmacked especially as the competition is so fierce. Next week we enter a two day bootcamp and the top three will get access to … Continued

We’re not a project anymore

As of March we’re in the process of dropping the word project from our company name. Why? We’ve realise that there is a lot of long term planning and work that needs to be done and we’re uncovering a lot more problems that need to be solved. We need to be a fully fledged company … Continued

What’s happened since demo day?

We’ve been a bit remiss keeping up to date with blog posts since Monkigras but we’ll be doing so shortly. The most important thing is that we’re now getting ready to co-design a prototype service with families. With your help were going to completely re-design the way the orthotics service is delivered. Health is about … Continued

3D Scanned and Printed Orthotic Prototype Zero – Part Two

You can read more about how Naveed made an accidental promise to create prototype zero here and the subsequent scanning in previous posts. We’ll concentrate more on the preparation for and talk at Monkigras 2014 in this post. Preparing to Talk Whilst we had pitched and refined our idea numerous times we hadn’t ever had … Continued

3D Scanned and Printed Orthotic Prototype Zero – Part One

The journey to prototype zero started at the Monki Gras dinner on January 31st 2013 when James Governer’s off hand comment/challenge to see if we could create a prototype in 1 year and present at Monki Gras 2014. Source: http://www.itwriting.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/image.png During the initial six months of research we assumed that this was such a simple idea that … Continued

BGV Week One – Starting To Accelerate

Part of our Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator experiences After our extremely intense November we we’re officially accepted on the Bethnal Green Ventures Winter Cohort 2014. We started with BGV on the 6th of January with Naveed and Samiya deciding to make this their full time role. Being on an accelerator is a rare privilege as … Continued

BGV Week Two – Organising and Accidental Promises

Part of our Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator experiences Having taken stock from our learning in week one we realised that the first thing we needed to do was work out how we were going to work. This may seem obvious but it is often a subject tackled well after a company is started. The agreement … Continued

BGV Week Three – Keeping Promises

Part of our Bethnal Green Ventures accelerator experiences Following Naveed’s unexpected promise team Andiamo moved into overdrive to get the pieces in place for prototype 0 (the entire process of which will follow in another post). However there were plenty of other urgent items also going on so Samiya took on making prototype 0 happen … Continued

BGV Week Four – Talks and Prototypes

With the team itching to see the scans come back Lee concentrated on revamping the website (which we hope you like) and doing further research into funding and grants for post BGV. The scans came back from Dr Veronique Suaret-Jackson at Cavendish Imaging who had pushed hard to make it possible. With some final cleaning … Continued

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