We are revolutionising the way orthotics services are delivered to families with disabled children

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Andiamo is leading the way in delivering empathetic orthotics services

Every interaction with a family changes the way we do things, for the better.

  • Orthotics that fit your child’s body and your family life
  • Utilising the latest in 3D printing technologies to deliver an empathetic service to you
  • We aim to scale globally

Andiamo produces the most accurately fitted orthotics designed by families for your family

We are already producing three types of prototypes:

  • Breathable and lightweight hand splints
  • Ankle foot orthosis (AFO)
  • GRAFOs that fit in normal shoes.

Currently we are trialling our services in the UK within the London area. We expect to be opening our services to the public early in 2017, and will then look to expand it globally.

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We are building to scale up so we can meet the growing demand

We are a business with a very strong social mission. We have identified the problem and we are creating the platform to solve it. We need the right support to achieve this.

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