The Company

Andiamo builds healthcare solutions for children with disabilities and long term conditions.
We drastically reduce wait times from 28 weeks to 48 hours for custom equipment called orthotics, by using 3D scanning and printing technology.

The Campaign

Be part of Andiamo

We’re currently getting ready to start prototyping the service in mid 2014.
If you’re interested in working with us to make health services better sign up here

Our Mission


3D scanners are non invasive and accurate to within 0.1mm. They take 20 seconds rather than 10-30 minutes when using plaster.


Using 3D printers we can reduce production time and re-design orthosis to make them more comfortable, beautiful, and fit in with the way they’ll be used in the real world.

Change Lives

These approaches will change the lives of disabled children and their families in many different ways. From better experiences to better medical outcomes.


Supporting our crowdfunding campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign is now live How can you support our campaign? The countdown clock has started ticking. On the 15th of September at 0900 our crowd funding campaign will be launching. We're taking on big healthcare companies and organisations that have allowed the situation... Read more »

Funding, Hyperbole, and Baubles

This 3D printed bauble won't change the world. Image via This Little MindThis was originally posted on Medium written by our CEO Naveed. If you spend anytime on Medium or Linkedin or pretty much anywhere that people tell you about work stuff then you’ll read lots of startup stories. It... Read more »

Wait times increasing?

Two years ago the Andiamo founders we're waiting up to 13 weeks to get a back brace back. We've now done a lot of user interviews including talking to clinicians, especially orthotists. We're hearing about extreme patient anger in Scotland with the adult service and 28 week waiting times in... Read more »

One of the top 12 startups in Europe

We got really exciting news this week that we had been chosen as one of the top 12 startups in the whole of Europe by Tech All Stars. Frankly we're totally gobsmacked especially as the competition is so fierce. Next week we enter a two day bootcamp and the top three will get access to some of... Read more »

We’re not a project anymore

As of March we're in the process of dropping the word project from our company name. Why? We've realise that there is a lot of long term planning and work that needs to be done and we're uncovering a lot more problems that need to be solved. We need to be a fully fledged company to start... Read more »

Our Team